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How to Get a Perfect Pitch

Ever mess up a pitch so bad it had you shouting something similar to the title of this post? Many people mess up the pitch in a number of ways, from talking too much about the product, to not knowing what the client wants to hear, to rambling on and on about nonsense.

If you want to give a fantastic pitch, why not give some of these a try?

Know the client

Do a little research about the client’s needs and wants, and study exactly what they want to hear from you.

Know their goals

Make sure you know exactly where the client wants to be, what he wants to achieve and how you will help him to achieve that.

How will you help them meet those goals

What will you be offering them that other companies won’t? Why are you the perfect person for the job? Show them why signing the contract will be good for them, not how it will benefit you.

Keep it short

Make it simple and easy. Don’t complicate yourself and your client when you’re doing a pitch because the less words on a presentation the better. Make sure they concentrate on you, not the screen.

Be professional, but enthusiastic

Having your client fall asleep during your pitch is the last thing you want.Think of it this way, you’re putting on a show. Not one were you win an Oscar, but one where you get to get the client instead.Imagine that your life depends on these couple of minutes and talk about the product as if it came from heaven. Make them feel your energy – more importantly, your positive energy.

Provide a link to your work

Make sure they can view your work whenever they need to, because this will build trust and friendship.


Always follow up, whether it’s a pitch or a press release. People forget, and you need to leave an impression in their heads that will leave you unforgettable.

Make multiple pitches

Don’t create one pitch and use it for every single client you meet. Like I said before, it is important to understand their personality, wants and desires to make sure you leave them thinking that they’ve gotten everything that they’ve ever wanted.


Relax and do it, because even people can smell fear.

Take a deep breath and go for it. If you’ve done your homework, you should ace this thing.

Mess up a pitch really badly?