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Kentucky Fried Chicken – Delivering taste, everywhere.

How does the #1 name in chicken prove that it delivers taste everywhere?
KFC wanted to get closer to its customers by conducting an out-of-the-box activity that would be exciting and reinforce KFC’s status as a market leader in delicious fast food.
Deliver 3,000 sandwiches by helicopter to the beach goer!
The campaign took 2 months to finalise and involved brainstorming sessions and pre-production meetings to come up with a final creative concept that was perfectly expressing the anticipated message: ‘KFC comes to you anywhere’.
And see it go viral.
The digital PR campaign saw 14 million impressions on Twitter, an increase of 100,000 organic users on KFC’S Facebook and Twitter accounts, 40,000 interactions including likes, shares, retweets, replies and comments, and 60 news articles reaching an approximate total PR value of USD 208,588.