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Best and Worst Words for Email Subject Lines

Wondering why people aren’t opening your email? Ever thought about timing or the words you’re using in the subject line?

Look, if you have an important email that you want people to read, don’t be sending it on a Thursday afternoon, and Michael Sebastian shares with us the best and the worst words to be used in an email’s subject line:

Good Words:

1. Apply
2. Opportunity
3. Demo
4. Connect
5. Payments
6. Conference
7. Cancellation

The NO NO words:

1. Confirm
2. Join
3. Assistance
4. Speaker
5. Press
6. Social
7. Invite

Now if you want a confirmation, say you need them to ‘confirm’. Don’t not use it because it’s a no no word, just use it wisely.

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Is your email readable or full of No Nos?