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When the media get it wrong

After every press release or interview, you always run the risk of the journalist either misreporting a fact, or portraying your client in a negative light.  Sometimes, these things are out of our control – all we can do is send out the correct information and hope for the best.  What we do have some sway over, however, is the right way to deal with the situation.

It may be our instinct to immediately cut the reporter off and restrict them from speaking to the client again.  However, as Brad Phillips explains in his article ‘7 Things to Do When the Media Gets it Wrong’, this is quite possibly the worst approach you can take as a PR consultant, purely because the consequences can be more detrimental than beneficial to your client and their business in the long run – after all, silence can be interpreted in a number of negative ways.  More often than not, the best remedy is to actually reach out to the journalist to see if there’s any way to resolve the issue and if that doesn’t work – Phillips advises that you go straight to your audience by utilising social media platforms!

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