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Why PR had better get moving

Part 1: Video is the medium of now and the future   

When was the last time you read the instruction manual that comes with a new iPhone, laptop or home appliance? And when did you last cook a meal based on a recipe from an actual cook book? The same goes for myriad other everyday ‘how to’ situations — how to apply flawless eyeliner, how to tie a bow tie, how to sew on a button, how to fold a napkin into a swan shape, and the list goes on.

The point is that the act of reading instructions is dying because it is time-consuming. We’re running against the clock now, constantly trying to squeeze a 36-hour schedule into a 16-hour day before returning to square one the next morning. Who’s got the time?

The only time I’ve recently read instructions was while assembling a piece of flat-pack IKEA furniture, because I’m aware that the results can be frankly disastrous otherwise. However, there is a major clue here, because I soon found that IKEA has its own ‘How To’ YouTube channel.

According to a study by CISCO, 80% of internet use around the globe in 2019 will be dedicated to video content. The fact that ‘how to’ videos are replacing written instructions is a sign of the times and reflects a wider consumer trend. As people have less and less time to spare during their hectic daily lives, they are seeking instant information that engages them because of how quickly and clearly it is delivered. This means that brands are now facing the challenge of capturing their audience’s attention within only three seconds.

Video is the sure-fire way to do this and PR professionals must embrace it as the medium of now and the future. As video continues to grow in popularity and take an increasingly dominant role in digital communication strategies, we need to up our production capabilities and become as comfortable with film as we are with social media captions, infographics and press releases.

In the next part of my blog, I’ll explore the top 5 ways to make videos more engaging.


Ribal Temraz is Senior Account Executive at Cicero & Bernay Public Relations. An independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai and offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA region. |