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Why PR for yourself is just as important as PR for your client 

In the world of public relations, every idea begins with an understanding of two crucial fundamentals: Objectives and Key Messages.

The concept of PR extends beyond the business realm to your individual presence, which shapes how you appear to clients and the world.

It’s crucial to be thought of as synonymous with your area of industry expertise in order to adopt the ‘go-to person’ tag. The only question is how do you become that refined PR authority? Much like the world of corporate PR, it starts off by answering two fundamentals, Objectives and Key Messages.


  • Leverage personal Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • To place oneself on the industry map
  • To differentiate between a PR representative and a PR savant
  • To be an approachable and presentable industry expert

Key Messages

  • Owning Your Expertise

One of the most significant milestones in anyone’s career is when they’re deemed the ‘expert’ in a niche segment of their field. While it may seem impossible to be a specialist on everything the industry has to offer, starting off by owning your expertise provides you with the leverage and confidence to project your personal USP.

  • Sociable, Presentable Savant 

Successful progression up the corporate ladder isn’t just limited to positive relationships with the company management. It is just as crucial to be a central point of contact for journalists. Being synonymous with your client’s brand in the eyes of the media is always a great way to develop newer relationships and to become aware of the latest industry trending stories.

  • Authenticity

A PR professional is a reflection of the brand they represent. However, there is always a thin line between morphing into the brand image and retaining your authenticity. When you maintain your own personal brand image, the client will witness a true reflection of an individual paving the way for their corporate success.

PR, much like the other corporate realms, can create failure prior to writing the individual’s success story. Furthermore, these failure stories are somehow shielded by what you would like to present to the world. To achieve your end goal of becoming an entrepreneur or an industry expert, it is important to discuss your failure stories in tandem with the success and milestones. Creating a connoisseur out of a blend of failure and success is the true way of reasoning with your own career growth. Each setback provides you with an additional story parallel towards successful career growth.

Be human and relatable to your client. Your shortcomings become your strengths, your appearance fuels your confidence, your knowledge determines your field of expertise and your authenticity becomes your brand.