We let the facts do the talking.

Why do we need to blog?

A question that has more than one simple answer. You blog to have a voice, you blog to have a presence, you blog to be relevant.
The beauty of blogging is that it is so personal; you see our real personalities, and you see PR as we would have it. It’s more individual than a corporate profile or a company website, because you get a glimpse of how we would do it, before you ever pick up the phone and call.

So simple yet so complex. Sure, anyone can write a blog, but it takes a special team of people to target for SEO and to build a following on Social Media to get their blogs read.

But to get back to the question – why do we really need to blog?

Building a name
You want exposure; a blog will give you just that. Say a potential client is looking for a PR agency. Where do you think they’ll probably be turning to? I’d guess Google, and the more content you have there, the easier you will be to find. What’s more, the higher up on search engines you go, the more likely people will find you.

Another great reason to blog? Other than finding a company on Google, this is a place where clients can do research about a potential company whose services they seek. This is your online resume. If you control the content that is linked to you, you get to put your name out there just as you would have it.

What is the one thing that ever PR pro wants more than anything? Coverage. The more you build yourself up online, the better able you will be at getting coverage for the clients you represent.

You can do this through Social Media, sharing your clients’ content on the same channels you use to promote your blog. You can even summarise their content and share it on your blog itself – discussing the ‘how to’s’ of PR.

You can blog about anything
Any topic is up for blog. A housewife can blog, a farmer can blog and so can a PR professional. This is a medium that appeals to so many people individually, which why it is so successful today. Going back to the personal aspect, you can introduce your new Director, your new approach to crisis management or even your next big event.

To answer the question, you need a blog to be relevant, and I think that says enough.

Do you have a company blog?