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What’s trending in the digital marketing space?

Part 1

Is having an Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profile enough to say one is digitally savvy? Do you think marketing is an extension of sales only?

Welcome to 2019, where marketing is an integral part of our lives. We are either marketing ourselves, our organisation, or our clients.

What is marketing though? Though not strictly its definition, marketing can be described as a function that helps communicate our value proposition to others.

While an effectively executed marketing and advertising campaign can be impactful, it’s digital marketing that’s taking the lead in bringing consumers closer to the brand. As oblivious as old school marketers might be, the world has surely moved ahead at a rapid pace. In some way or another, we are all a part of the digital marketing world. Traditionally, digital marketing meant that little pop-up on web pages, it has, however, grown to another level today. Digital marketing is executed through social media, text messages, digital billboards, email advertisements, and more.

Here are five digital marketing trends you cannot ignore (even if you wanted to) in 2019:

1 – Personalisation: We’re talking tailored advertisements. As you scroll through your feed on social media, you suddenly see a paid ad for something you were possibly looking for online earlier in the day. It can be flight tickets, clothes, shoes, or food. With the availability of data on consumer behaviour, links clicked, purchase history, and frequently visited sites – your social feed can easily be tailored to your needs.

2 – Influencer Marketing: When the likes of (put your favourite famous personality here) start posting about a product/restaurant/place, you can’t help but be drawn towards it. Sometimes, the things they post about are not even of interest to you, but seeing them repeatedly write about it can conjure curiosity, making you want to at least verify the hype. Influencer marketing is changing in 2019 though. It is not just a famous personality’s game anymore, but one where real influencers – those with lesser followers and no celebrity status but honest opinions – are gaining more and more credibility.

Stay tuned for the next part where I will detail the upcoming three digital marketing trends to follow.


Nasreen Sayed is Senior Account Executive at Cicero & Bernay Public Relations, an independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA region. |