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What Women Want – PR Campaigns for the Fairer Sex

Every PR campaign is tailored to attract a certain target audience – but women (namely teenage girls and mothers), more so than others, have to be approached in a very specific manner. I recently came across an interview conducted with Maureen Lippe, CEO of Lippe Taylor, which delved into the secrets of creating Public Relations campaigns for women.

The brains behind the Jenny Craig campaign that used actress Kirsty Alley’s transformation as a selling point for its diet plan, Lippe knows exactly what it takes to attract and hold the attention of women from any age group. She explains that rather than doing the same routine PR practices, clients such as Jenny Craig require a different perspective – something that will “cut through the clutter” in order to really reach editors of lifestyle and beauty magazines. The key is to maintain authenticity and transparency, something that is often lost in a desperate attempt to get a story published, and like anything else in this day and age, the best way to achieve this is through greater online engagement with target audiences.

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Does anybody know what women want?