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What should I write for my next blog?

Since I’ve started working for C&B, I’ve been tasked with writing a monthly blog – great for personal development and a nice change from writing about clients, and about something that interests me.

But the problem starts when I don’t know what to write about. Not just that, how can I be sure that people will be interested in the topic and the way I have approached it? Above all, am I giving the reader valuable information?

The most important part of the blog is the information it contains and if it’s explained properly and clear for the readers to understand.

Is it answering their question?

Is it a topic that they want to know more about?

What have others written about the same topic?

How is my approach any different?

Finally getting started on writing my blog, I can find inspiration from the web or from professionals around me. By asking the questions and getting different answers, I can start to formulate my own point of view.

The last step is making sure people can find it online, by making sure that I have used the key words that they will be searching for that will lead them to my answer.

That is what this blog was about, what’s your next one going to be about?