We let the facts do the talking.

What personality is your brand?

I am sure that I can confidentially say that most of you have been engaged in an online conversation whether it was over msn, yahoo chat, Facebook or even through mobile messaging like Blackberry. I can also confidently assume that most of you have completely misunderstood the meaning of a message at least one or two times in your life.

That’s because ‘what’ can mean so many things. It could mean, ‘what?’ as in ‘what was that you were saying?’ or ‘what is it that you want me to do?’ It could also come with a huffy puffy meaning, as in ‘what do you want from me now?’ It could also be taken as, ‘WHAT?!?!’ as in ‘I can’t believe it!’

With all those ‘what’s’ your online personality could easily come off confused. You could take direction from discussions about brand personalities. There are lots of personalities you can refer to depending on how you want your brand to be perceived online. Would you be like ‘Masculine’ like Marlboro?  Or ‘Feminine’ like Virginia Slims? How about rebellious, sensual and cool like Levi’s? Maybe your message could seduce with a deep voiced like AXE?

How about instead of looking to others, you find one that’s expressly yours? Finding your personality dictates how you will be perceived and what people associate with you. It’s important to find your right tone of voice; so that the right people hear what you want them to hear next time you say something.

What’s your personality?