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What is PR or Public Relations and Why Use it ?

There are several possible reasons for using public relations exercises. First of all, let’s make sure that we are doing the same page when it comes to the definition of public relations. Public relations is also called media relations. The word is used interchangeably, although doing so is not entirely correct. Public relations clearly involve dealing with the public, while media relations are related to the media. Because this is the media that we are using through this practice to reach the public, the conditions tend to be used interchangeably.

Public relations is practicing, using the distribution of your message through media, of creating public interest in art, your business, message, product, service or what you have. In this age of information, that is now included “new-media”


Public relations can be used in response to reactionary, current trends or events, or reactions to sending out to the company’s challenges, accidents, and scandals. There are PR professionals, who have “a whole industry of expertise in crisis management.” On the contrary, in the running time, for the active PR, the positive impression of your public has been shaped, not only the production of stories when there is an event or in response to problems. Active PR is planned and executed on strategies that brands.

To take advantage of Proactive PR, you have to first decide what you want to achieve. Whatever is going on you, then you need to decide what you ultimately do in this right and long term future.

Do you want to take your business public or sell it? Do you want local recognition or national fame and fortune? Do you want to go global? Are you in or planning an expansion? Think about those things then use the following checklist. Use your publicity goals to decide to Use this by completing the following statement:

I want to try my public relations:

  • Increase my visibility and name mood.
  • Increase the visibility and name of my company.
  • Increase my income.
  • Increase traffic (retail, online).
  • Maturity yield for members of my staff.
  • Declaration of major achievements.
  • In the industries, I am involved in (my brand) credibility
  • Change a misconception.
  • Expose and help build events.
  • An increase in the occurrence or occurrence of the event.
  • Increase in quantity or membership.
  • Expand my customer base.
  • Creating public awareness
  • Generate support.
  • Attract volunteers.
  • Increase in efforts for recruitment of workers. Sell
  • Generate more publicity.

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