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What is a social media strategy?

Aren’t we all interested in hot topics? Social media is definitely a hot topic in marketing these days. Managers across all businesses are asking whether or not they need to participate – and if so, where and how.

How does it work?

Developing a social media strategy is to define your social engagement goals and success metrics, and then identify the major social media platforms to achieve objectives. Engaging with people via social media is never a single and direct path. In my experience, while the destination may be quite clear, the path with which audiences reach it will remain flexible until a critical mass of users is displaying crowd behaviours.

Qualities or characteristics that should be emphasized

A recommended strategy is combined with a practical mindset of what can be achieved with social media, and which activities have the potential for significant, wide-reaching impact versus those that have little chance of generating significant audience engagement. Balancing this approach with the realities inherent in creating, monitoring and managing social media programmes, work hand in hand with finding solutions that can be successful within your organizational constraints.

When does it come into play?

Your social media strategy should ideally be tackled as part of the organization’s overall digital strategy. Part of the audience engagement discussion typically leads to the quick conclusion “Well, we need to have a Facebook page.” While that may be part of the solution, what is typically lacking is putting this into the larger context of your brand’s digital footprint. Your digital footprint is the total presence of your established brand online, through a combination of owned and operated initiatives (corporate, product and marketing websites etc.) as well as brand presence and audience engagement on social platforms, which aggregate the audiences most relevant to an organization’s goals and audience segments.

Benefits to customer?

Social media strategies are only as good as their ability to respond to market conditions. Traditionally, a social site’s campaign is measured and deemed successful if there is significant adoption (demand generation) or ability to capture user data (lead generation). A third measurement is the ability to engage in a relationship that can grow over time.

My philosophy is to establish several paths from which a long-term relationship can be fostered. With a focus on a relationship, my work has been successful by taking a longer-term benefit that is measured in a change in user behaviour, mindset and thinking.

What’s in your social media strategy?