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Welcome to the world of podcasts!

Part 2: Don’t miss these podcasts!

In the previous part, I discussed the origin of podcasts, their current state of being, and why you should listen to them. In this part of my blog, I will tell you about some famous podcasts that you should consider listening to.

From business to lifestyle, sport, gaming, and expat life, the UAE podcast scene is growing more than ever, and more listeners are tuning in. Below is a list of famous podcasts that you can enjoy listening to, based on your interests and preferences:

  1. ‘Tales of the Trade’ is a podcast by Chirag Desai that features Dubai’s pioneers and their stories.
  2. ‘Kerning Cultures’ is created by Hebah Fisher, who shares interesting stories about culture, history, and current affairs in the UAE.
  3. Rana Nawas hosts ‘When Women Win,’ which is one of the Middle East’s top women empowerment podcasts.
  4. The humorous ‘Hangout with Rushdi’ podcast was created by Rushdi Rafeek and features upcoming and undiscovered artists, performers, and content creators.
  5. ‘The Two Vegans’ is a podcast co-hosted by Chirag and Heetal. It invites conscious entrepreneurs to share stories about being vegan. It ensures a crossover interest in the business community.
  6. ‘The Dukkan Show’ is the first podcast to ever host a #TodayAtApple talk. It is hosted by OT, Reem, and Akkaoui. The podcast showcases the great conversations friends have when they hang out at their respective dukkan stoop.

This was a quick glimpse at some of the most interesting podcasts in the UAE. With this blog, I shed light on podcasts and why more and more podcasters across the region are seeing the value in the ‘do it yourself’ format.


Khaled Abu Hishme is an Account Director at Cicero & Bernay Public Relations, an independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA region. |