We let the facts do the talking.

Wait! That’s not money, but that’s so creative.

Creative ideas are everywhere in the world and they’re even better when they’re used to educate people. We like the anti-littering awareness campaign called “Metel Ma Shelta”, which is designed by the graphic design students Mohamed Olaymi, Nadine Razzouk and Lama Shehadeh, to get people to stop littering on the streets.

Concept: In Lebanon there are still some incidences of people throwing garbage on the streets. The graphic design students wanted to do something about it. What? Well, graphic design students are all being graphic so they decided to use their skills to attract attention, and what better way to attract attention than through money?

They photographed Lebanese money and put it on the street, knowing that people just wouldn’t be able to resist picking it up. The interesting thing happened when they did. On the back was a note that said (translated),

‘Just like you picked this up…you can pick the litter off the street.’

I think this is a brilliant idea that addresses the issue in a new trendy way. For more information about the campaign you can check their Facebook page: Metel Ma Shelta or watch this Video for more information.

Do you dare litter?