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Utilising Social Media for Your CSR

The number of consumers supporting socially responsible companies is increasing. The public wants to associate with organisations that are doing good in their communities or that are showing their more human side. And one of the best ways of getting their message across is social media. These channels create a great impact, are cost effective and are a quick way for corporations to communicate with their target audiences and get their messages across.

A lot of brands are leveraging social media channels to communicate their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies and showcase a side of their organisations that the public and potential employees may not be aware of. Press releases or announcements related to CSR sometimes struggle to find column inches in mainstream media (especially in this part of the world), so social media channels have become the preferred vehicle to carry these stories.

Here are a few ways to tell your CSR story via social networking:

Develop an identity

Start off by creating a unique logo or name/slogan for your CSR story. This will make it more attractive, more memorable and more like a stand-alone brand.

Engage your audience

Amplifying your CSR story through social media creates a passion for your brand. You should ensure that the dialogue is meaningful and promotes interactive conversation. Go beyond just telling your brand’s CSR story and successes by developing a relationship with your followers. Encourage feedback, respond to questions, promote industry best practices, celebrate successes and prompt collaboration. If you are authentic and transparent in your dialogue you will build trust for your brand amongst your audience.

Let other people tell your story

Third-party testimonials bring a greater degree of credibility to your message. Build relationships with key influencers in the CSR arena and promote their activities. They will do the same for you, resulting in a wider reach for your messages.

Highlight individual contributions

Employees who engage in your brand’s CSR programme highlight the human side of its commitment. Showcasing their efforts provides an outstanding employee recognition platform and will encourage them to share the company’s activities.

Involve senior management

Sharing stories and images of your senior leaders actively involved in a CSR activity will elevate the credibility of your programme. CSR initiatives that are driven by company leadership are the most impactful and powerful. This shows commitment and dedication at a management level. These are characteristics that you want your brand to be associated with.