We let the facts do the talking.

Twitter Impact

There is no debate about the effectiveness of Twitter and its reach, especially since it has now taken the top spot as the most popular social network. ( In our line of business, we not only need to be familiar with it, it helps to be a bit of an ‘expert’ as well.

So how do you go about doing that?

Twitter is a public space where you can engage with others, unlike facebook, which is limited for your friends and those you invite. Follow the good tweets and comment on them. This is effective, even if you don’t know the Tweeter.

Know the tools
Use the right hashtags for relevant stories to increase the followers with common interests.

Use the format
With 140 characters limit, you have to format your tweet properly to have the greatest possible effect.

Be informative
Post more informative stories than promotional links – this way people are less likely to tune you out

Link to relevant sites
Link your tweet with other social media sites to have more impact and save you time.

Be consistent
Tweet every day and stay active.

A little extra initiative is all it takes to be noticeable on Twitter. Take the time to prioritise this on your job list every day and you will see yourself being followed more closely.