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The etiquette of Twitter

“I follow you, you follow me and if you don’t follow me then I won’t follow you.” Nowadays, it’s not just about who is a fan of who; it’s about following the right account that satisfies your needs when it comes to valuable information. But there are some forms of etiquette that every Tweep (Twitter User) should be considering.

Being Thankful

You wake up to find that someone has re-Tweeted your Tweet. Did you thank them for sharing, or just relish in the spotlight alone? Spotlight alone…bad move. You need to show the same love the person gave to you. If you don’t show your appreciation, don’t count on it happening again anytime soon.


What the heck is that?!? Please use a Twitter handle that doesn’t need a genius to remember, otherwise you might be easily forgotten.

Who are you?

I hate it when people don’t have a proper short description about who they are or what they are interested in. Those are the ones that I tend to skip over when I’m deciding who to Follow, because I can’t be bother to go to their page to check out their Tweets. You don’t have to be the most creative person in the world, just tell us what to expect.

Twitter is easier said than done, but after everything’s been said and done, you should at least be doing this.

Here’s more Twitter help for you, just in case you need it.

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