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“Will Tweet for Money” – Is Twitter just another advertising medium?

Any opportunity to influence a concentrated target audience and marketing pros will take it without batting an eyelash.  It’s happened with Facebook, and it was only a matter of time before it happened with Twitter.  And why not, when it’s so easy to identify and directly communicate with people you know will be interested in your product.  Interestingly, it hasn’t appeared in the form of those annoying pop-up or sidebar ads you see on most channels – instead, people – namely celebrities – are being paid to tweet about products and events!

Case in point –Kim Kardashian! The reality TV star has reportedly been paid up to $10,000 per tweet to make her followers aware of certain products.  With over 11 million followers behind her, it’s not surprising that companies are willing to pay big bucks for that kind of exposure.  But how ethical is it?

Craig Agranoff examines the ethics and the credibility behind accepting cash in return for tweets in his most recent article on the Huffington Post.

Will you Tweet for money?