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With each passing day in the life of a PR professional, the complex patchwork of activities seems to be shifting focus toward media relations. Apart from being the lifeblood of the PR industry, including informative press releases and extensive pitches, media relations extends further across a broad range of daily PR practices.

It is widely understood that liaising with the individuals in charge of publishing your news should be an unspoken routine. The goal is to maximize positive coverage in mass media whilst maintaining strong relationships with the relevant reporters, editors and writers.

Public Relations focuses upon spreading positive brand awareness of the organisation and its ‘public perception’ on a larger scale. With regards to media relations, an effective campaign and approach would be to generate positive publicity, which translates into positive corporate awareness, thus helping with Public Relations.

The commitment required towards media relations is all-encompassing. It extends beyond the simple phone call to a person from your database, towards fostering greater understanding. Building these relationships requires dedication and commitment to ensure optimal comfort levels for both parties involved, and such skills are hard to nurture or adopt, instead springing from a person’s nature. Being one of the top PR agencies in Dubai, C&B believes that excellence serviced must always be delivered to their clients & users. In order to reach such a service, C&B believes in organic growth.

Considering the limited layout space and/or air time there is for one to get their news published, a focus needs to be on the percentage game, and to this end maximising efforts in media relations will maximise positive coverage. It is important to note that the media is just as interested in your news for more reasons than one. With the increase in daily readership of newspapers and magazines, they are keen on printing interesting and out-of-the-box news to keep their readers hooked.

With the era of accountability, PR corporations are now taking on a sharper focus towards media relations and harbouring the right talent to assist in achieving the company’s full potential. Apart from the two prime rules for a PR professional – focus on communication goals and keep the message consistent – we should also add a third rule – that media relations is at the heart of the PR discipline.