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Too old for Facebook?

Recently my father calls me in the wee hours of the night (like it’s some kind of emergency) asking me something about Facebook. Really?

Then the minute I come home on vacation, my mother can’t stop complaining about how my father sits all hours of the day (like some kind of addict) doing this and that on the social networking site. Then she inevitably joins in on all the fun when she sees that cousin so and so recently had a baby. It’s crazy. When did he even join, I didn’t even know old people were allowed to use Facebook!

It got me thinking about this recent video I came across on YouTube, with the grandparents trying to figure out the webcam (that’s some funny stuff).

In all seriousness, I find it amusing how ‘Facebook’ our lives really are now. In their attempt to catch up with this generation, some of the ‘ancient dinosaurs’ have even surpassed us (I didn’t even know how to make my photo album that private). They’re using it for both business and pleasure now, which poses a whole new question…

Should I add my dad as a friend or not?