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Tongue-Tied in Arabic… in Arabia

We live in an era where Arabic is slowly becoming a dying language. The problem is, simply, that we have done a poor job at keeping the language interesting, current and fun. My son, for one, hates taking Arabic lessons in school – a major issue in our household given that we are Arab!

For those of you who do not speak Arabic, you need to know that learning it is a unique challenge. It is a complex language, with more than 22 different dialects spoken in the Middle East region, some of which have their own vocabulary! When browsing online, it’s possible to remain there for hours searching for interesting Arabic content. One feels like Columbus desperately trying to locate America, only in this case its Arabica and it doesn’t get found! Arabic content online represents a bare 2%, in spite of numerous efforts by the likes of Maktoob, Google and Yahoo to name but a few.

We made have made it our mission here at Cicero & Bernay to help boost Arabic in Arabia, starting with digital content. This initiative saw the dawning of our dedicated Arabic blog that reviews public relations in Dubai, the UAE and the Middle East, as well as the latest trends in the field… IN ARABIC!