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Time to go Freelance with your Public Relations?

Freelance work in Public Relations means one person or a few people single-handedly carrying out Public Relations work on behalf of one or several clients. Free-lancers are self-employed and in this region, freelance work is not only ample it is often times a great way to get the services you require.

The Works

Freelance PR is usually carried out on project basis and has a shorter turnover time that ranges from 1 to 6 months. Therefore, it focuses on quick, tangible execution, rather than strategy and long-term achievables.

With freelancing, since you do not work in a company, you will have more flexible working hours. But this doesn’t mean that it is a laid-back job. On the contrary, it requires a great deal of self-discipline and organisation as you will still need to meet deadlines and manage client expectations.

One Person Show

Furthermore, you’ll find that you are also a manager, executive and director all rolled in one. Team reporting to supervisors or line managers is replaced by direct and first hand reporting to clients. You will also have to go out and source business yourself.

You’re also your own Personnel and Finance departments, so if you have any HR or payment issues, you will find that you will have to deal with them yourself! In brief, you will be doing the work of an entire agency!

Media Monitoring

When it comes to locating coverage, freelance work does not have the luxury of outsourcing a media monitoring agency due to the high cost. This could be made easier with clear and regular communication with journalists and reporters who can help you locate coverage easily.

Freelance PR is rewarding, but at the same time challenging. It requires a great deal of people, negotiation and time management skills, especially if you are handling multiple clients simultaneously.

In summary, I prefer full time PR, as you get the chance to bond with your colleagues and clients and there’s time and room for them to see your complete spectrum of capabilities. It also gives you the satisfaction of being in control of day-to-day decisions and progress.

So don’t quit your day job just yet, until you know whether freelancing is the right thing for you!