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The Relationship between Basketball and Public Relations

The Influence of Basketball on Personal and Professional Growth

From my childhood all the way up to my early 20s, basketball was my priority in life. During my free time, I’d forego any other recreational activity just to go shoot some hoops with my friends. I used to enjoy the game, the fun atmosphere, and the competitive spirit – though I’d often blame myself for team losses despite my own commendable play.

Running the gamut from briefing to preparation to execution day in, day out definitely plays a pivotal part in generating public interest and increasing team visibility.

Basketball has left its mark on my mind and shaped my cognizance of things. My experience on the court has come in handy behind the desk at Cicero and Bernay Public Relations in several ways.

Playing basketball taught me that teamwork and team spirit are essential to success, and how no one player can carry the whole team to a job well done. One should avoid complacency on the throne of success and blame in the throes of failure, just work together to do the best you can.

Transferrable Lessons from Basketball to Public Relations

Competition is intense in basketball. Not playing well enough could leave you benched, maybe for your entire career. Similarly, with PR, clients will not wait around for you to learn your job, they’ll simply find another agency that can do what you can’t.

Identifying your pillars and tactics applies to both disciplines. In basketball, you have to study your opponent well, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and foresee opportunities as well as challenges. Similarly, when planning a new pitch or preparing a communication plan, you must research your client, listen carefully to their requirements, and adapt your strategy to their needs.

Winning matters in both fields, but, unfortunately, isn’t a guarantee in either. Your success will reflect more in your positive energy, which in turn would encourage everyone else to perform better by making them all feel valued and respected.

It isn’t always serious though, whether lacing up your Jordans or tying your Brioni tie, social skills are a by-product of both worlds. In sport, you will spend priceless moments with your friends and teammates, enjoying the challenges, the competition, the winning, at times even the losing. The same applies to PR, where if you enjoy what you do, you’ll find every single minute to be an adventure and embrace it, warts and all.

Ribal Temraz is Account Manager at Cicero & Bernay Public Relations, an independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA region. |