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The Metaverse Saga

Part 2: Is Facebook going to own the Metaverse? 

In the last part, I spoke about the Metaverse and what should marketers consider while building their strategies. In this part I will be answering the question, “Is Facebook going to own the Metaverse?”

One cannot talk about Metaverse without thinking about the future of Facebook which has rebuilt itself as Meta. This has solidified the brand’s position to be a leader and bring Metaverse to all. However, it is very early to tell what the future of Metaverse is and Facebook. Every other company and even Facebook is trying to plant a flag in some parts of the Metaverse.

One cannot say that Facebook is a strong player when we talk about the major parts of the Metaverse. Due to its decentralized notion, a single company cannot own Metaverse. It should be built open for everyone. Everything related to decentralization means talking about Web 3.0, NFT which many Metaverse communities discuss and has opened Metaverse.

For a company to own it, it needs to own the reality of the physical realm. The announcement of rebranding Facebook has introduced Metaverse into the public realm.

However, the aftermath is that people are paying serious attention to it now. With everyone talking about Metaverse and Facebook, it is going to come faster than one has predicted.

After understanding the basic meaning of Metaverse, it is now time for businesses to start preparing for it. There is nothing much to start building right now but a community can start learning all about Metaverse.

The best way to do it is by paying close attention to the gaming community. One can even start playing games like Roblox. In a lot of ways, Gen Z, as well as Gen Alpha, have a basic understanding of how digital reality connects to their physical reality as compared to other people. This is the reason when you get there and start indulging yourself in the game and your kids and  you will be able to connect all the dots. One can also get into Discord as well as join a server. It can be overlooked buy Discord resembles an interface that is the same as Slack. However, the bots, as well as automation available for the user to augment the server, will be beneficial in connecting with various available things.

Also, many Web 3.0, blockchain, as well as NFT experts and communities have built on Discord. Thus, one has a chance to learn as well as connect before everything goes mainstream.

Hussam Abdulkhaleq is Account Manager at Cicero & Bernay Communication Consultancy, an independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA region. |