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The far-reaching effects of monitoring trending topics on social media

Reading trends on social media can offer you market insights and help you determine the impact of your business decisions


On-spot monitoring of trending topics on social media is one of the most effective methods you can adopt for generating marketing, public relations, and social media ideas.

Of the myriad subjects that have enjoyed brief surges in online social media popularity, none is as recurring as that of trending topics, which regularly revolve around popular cultural happenings such as current occasions, big name declarations, TV premieres, social concerns, breaking news and viral content. In other words, trending topics are what people are discussing online right now. There’s no telling how long a subject remains relevant; however, drifting trends usually have a realistic usability timeframe ranging from one day to one week.

Trending topics are powerful as they can uncover what an individual’s interests and intentions are, as well as what is going on at the moment. For instance, if people are using ‘property insurance’ as a search parameter, it could suggest that property investment is on the rise; such insights may result in lucrative opportunities for property insurance agents and/or specialists. As is made evident, monitoring trends isn’t just for content creation. Trending topics also play an important role in key business decisions and marketing efforts.

At a basic stage, constant monitoring of trending topics online is a great place to begin when you’re looking to brainstorm ideas for new marketing or advertising content —blog post or online video — that is relevant and integral to your audience.

If you’re going to dispatch a new product, for example, you could look for relative keywords in your industry to better understand your market. You may find that certain consumers oppose certain ingredients and this will help you establish that you should probably avoid using them in your product.

Your business and marketing strategies have much to gain from the monitoring of trending topics as the insight that is attained can significantly improve your strategic planning.

Hussam Abdal Khaleq is Social Media Account Manager at Cicero & Bernay Public Relations. An independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai and offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA region. |