We let the facts do the talking.

The Diverse Industries of our Clients

Public Relations is such a diverse industry. As diverse, in fact, as the clients you work on. It encompasses many fields and disciplines and allows us to taste a little bit of every arena, from automotive and pharmaceutical to aviation and FMCG.

I believe that it’s good – and indeed important – to know a little bit of everything. Thinking differently for each client boosts creativity and opens doors of possibility for untapped areas of exploration, unprecedented ideas and unorthodox PR work. I personally also like brand associations when, for example, two of my very different clients join together to work on a campaign with a common cause.

PR also requires different sets of skills and competency, so the more diverse a PR professional’s background is the better. Languages, credentials and interesting work and life experiences come into play to add richness and depth to our work and demonstrate just how diverse this industry really is.

Good or bad?
One might argue that such diversity counteracts the focus and accuracy that specialisation brings, which may result in non-targeted objectives, diluted messaging and overall incomprehension, as well as confusion on the audience’s side.

I disagree.

Working in Dubai especially, a city with a multi-cultural lifestyle and equally diverse business environment, it is even more important to have a mind open for miscellany and a varied staff base whose values align with combining global awareness with cultural adaptation. A very important requirement in the PR profession.

Is diversity good or bad for our industry in your opinion?