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Thank you Steve Jobs

It’s been over a week, and today, that’s practically forever. But I can’t help thinking that appreciating everything that he has done for us, should not just be a fad. So my question is: Is it too late to say ‘Thank you Steve Jobs’?

Most of us used his inventions on a daily basis whether you had an Ipod, Iphone or Ipad. For his work at Pixar or Apple, he is a man who will be remembered for generations. I personally think that he’s a great example of a normal man making history, battling a disease and inspiring people. We’ve all heard his inspiring address about how to live before you die and read his praises, but have you seen this awesome art tribute to the man who will go down as a legend?

Honouring those that changed the world should never go out of fashion, even if it is old news.

Can you imagine our world without Steve Jobs?