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SuperService – It’s a thing now.

Part 1: New word, who dis?

Let’s break it down: ‘Super’ meaning excellent and ‘Service’ meaning the action of help or assistance.

Now that we’ve established that we’re simply referring to exemplary service, it’s time to also acknowledge that the consumer is being stretched thin in their daily lives. From a gruelling workday to the struggles of maintaining a social life and a fitness regime, it’s a marathon and we’re all laps behind. According to the Quest for Convenience report published by Nielsen in 2018: “Rising internet penetration, denser urban locations, faster paced lifestyles, and challenging working hours are adding more and more layers of complexity to consumers’ lives.”

There’s a lot of truth to this – connectivity is helping shape the consumer experience overall which is part of the transformation we’re experiencing as an industry. It’s no longer about eco-friendly packaging and efficient use of technologies to optimise processes, it’s all about ease of access. Research conducted across the UAE claims four out of five consumers expect immediate feedback from customer service representatives and are demanding a more visible presence of SuperService organisations.

The aptly named The Quest for Convenience study examined the many aspects of a consumer’s behaviour such as personal preferences, digital footprint, spending habits, and so on, to conclude that a new breed called Buyers Without Borders. Is on the rise

Consumers are no longer restricting themselves geographically in their shopping patterns. They’re expanding into different regions and using online shopping and third-party shipping to get exactly what they want. So, what can we, as consultants and the voices of our clients, do to strengthen our SuperService offerings? Find out in the second part of the blog.


Riya Vatnani is Account Manager at Cicero & Bernay Public Relations, an independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA region. |