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Stress and PR: Are they Synonyms?

They might as well be. Building a life for yourself in PR isn’t an easy undertaking for normal individuals, oh no, you need to have super-human PR powers.

There are tight deadlines, and clients and meetings that never end. There are proposals, and brainstorming and communication workshops. There are newsletters, press releases and blogs. Overwhelmed yet?

That’s just a day in the life of a PR professional. One day it’s rosy and the other day its gloom. Our job? Make sure the sun shines on as many days as possible for our clients.

According to’s annual list of most stressful jobs, PR executive was listed as 7th most anxiety inducing role.

It’s not easy being us, but we love doing it day in and day out. Why? The results keep us going, over and over again.

Are you stressed?