We let the facts do the talking.

Strategies for PR Professionals to Drive Client Growth and Personal Achievement

The success of your client is your own success, when you look at them and see how they are growing and how well they are established; believe more in yourself as you are part of this big achievement.

Don’t take things for granted, always plan even if your client’s team is more established, it’s important to have a strategy in place to ensure your team’s success.

Why do we need to plan? Even if your client is doing well, did you really measure the changes or the successes? Take a step back, think wisely and plan.

How do you plan, and from where do you start!

Set your goals, visualize success

I always thought that dreams are the same as visualizing but it is not; don’t get confused “Dreaming is passive while visualizing is active”. Use the following steps to visualize success:
• Picture exactly what you want. Be specific.
• Associate your goal with an image.
• Visualize daily. Repetition makes it more real.

Strive for optimal instead of maximum performance

An optimally run business will outperform a business that is running at maximum performance, because if you are in it for the long haul, you want an optimally run business. Getting the most out of yourself, and your team sounds great, but in reality, it will burn out you and your staff before you have time to succeed. You will resent your business and your employees will jump ship. Always follow this rule “Don’t grow your team faster than you can train them”.

Define your target and engage with them

The most successful businesses are great at building relationships with their customers. Focus on building relationships, and especially with our job in PR, if you don’t have the right relations you will never succeed. Our relations should be always with the clients, media, and even public and everyone. Yes it is a tough one, but people want to buy/hear/believe things from people they know and trust.

Invest in yourself and your team

No one will ever trust you if you don’t believe in yourself and your team, you should really invest here. At the end of the day you are the only one who will benefit as it really pays back.

Learn from your competition

Think of your competitors as your teachers.

Everybody has competition. If you haven’t found yours that means that you haven’t looked hard enough. It is your job to discover what your competitors do and why they are doing it. Of course, the key is not to copy, but to improve.

Trust and loyalty

Building trust requires businesses to continually put customer’s interests ahead of their own. Customers will see this, and you will earn their trust and go a great distance to building customer loyalty.

Never take customer loyalty for granted. A successful marketing strategy will bring customers through the door, but only a successful customer loyalty and retention plan will keep them coming back for more.

Ask for feedback

Never be afraid to ask for feedback, some businesses are concerned about asking for feedback because they are afraid of negative feedback. The reality is that your business will benefit more from negative feedback than no feedback. Feedback also gives an outsider’s point of view. It gives you a chance to understand what your customers like and don’t like. It helps you to make adjustments. Asking for feedback allows your customers to feel important. We all want to think that our opinions matter and your customers are no exception. Think of customer feedback as free advice you are getting from those that matter the most, your customers.

When you ask for feedback you show that you are willing to turn a wrong into a right. This will always make a difference, and you and the team here will really make the difference.