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How to keep yourself updated about the latest PR trends?

You’re a PR professional with a master’s degree from one of the most renowned colleges. You have several years of PR experience to your credit. Mission accomplished. But before you give yourself a pat on the back, understand that it’s only the first half of your mission that is accomplished. Learning never stops, and it holds true to the field of PR.

Careers in the field of communication are more dynamic today than they ever have been. With the relentlessly evolving media landscape, new digital tools being invented every year, and audience preferences constantly changing, it is essential that PR professionals proactively update themselves and keep up with the latest or risk fade into obsolescence. If you don’t evolve, it won’t be long before you are lagging behind not only your own colleagues but your competitors. This applies to professionals in every field and at every level.

I recently got my certification from the Chartered Institute of Public relations (CIPR), one of the finest institutes in the world. They offer various kinds of PR courses for professional development, and though I have been in the industry for seven years, the course helped me broaden my horizons even further.

Continuing professional development is imperative because it ensures your relevance and competence. It’s a never-ending process that must be sustained throughout a career as it is a vital component in any PR professional’s toolkit. Employees who express diligence about their own personal development are seen as highly promising, and an appetite for learning shows you’re not only devoted to your role but also proactive in learning and doing more than what’s expected of you. Such employees tend to bring a continuous development spirit to the workplace by expecting more of themselves and their team and sharing their learning for the benefit of all. These professionals become the PR leaders of tomorrow.

Next week, we will discuss the benefits of pursuing education while in the profession and a few other steps that you can take to enhance your professional journey.

Recently, I shed light on the importance of continuing professional development in a PR journey. Today, we’ll take a look at different ways you can pursue your goal and stay ahead of the curve by employing different steps to push yourself to be a better version of yourself professionally.

One of the many ways to grow in the field is by finding an educational course that furthers your knowledge in the best way possible. While the fundamental principles of PR haven’t changed as much as some people may think, there are various new mediums and methods now available to execute a strategy. These new methods are completely unrecognisable from those in use even ten years ago.

Apart from taking courses, there’s a lot you can do proactively to strengthen your skillset. Here are some steps you can follow alongside your education to keep pace with the industry trends.

  1. Be active on social media – Even though it sounds obvious, social media is one of the quickest ways to get information. It’s important to know how different social media forms appeal to different demographics. For example, Facebook, while having the most users, increasingly appeals to older generations, while newer generations tend to be more active on Instagram and Snapchat, among others.
  2. Listen to podcastsToday, podcasts are at the edge of pop culture. You can find podcasts on any topic, for entertainment or education purposes. A quick search on Google can get you a varied list of podcasts that appeal to different people.
  3. Read books, professional papers, blogs, etc. – There is a surplus of knowledge available online through books and articles to keep you on the apex of the ever-evolving PR industry.
  4. Follow influencers – You don’t have to be the first to know what’s happening in the PR industry or your clients’ industries — that’s too much pressure! Instead, just follow influencers. You can gather relevant information about new trends from influencers.
  5. Attend conferences and seminars ­– Keep an eye on relevant PR seminars in your city. Make the most of such events, especially with the networking opportunities that they offer.
  6. Blogging and publishing articles – Starting a blog is as much a professional exercise as it is personal. The research and effort you put into creating such a platform will strengthen your understanding in ways you can’t anticipate.
  7. Train others – Sharing knowledge is one of the best ways to brush up what you already know. The process of training younger PR professionals can help you notice the gaps in your own skill set and work on them.
  8. Never stop learning – Last, but not least, be aware of the fact that you can never know too much. Pursue excellence in your field, and success will follow.


Reem Masswadeh is Client Services Director at Cicero & Bernay Public Relations, an independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA region. |