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Some bad advice for your social media plan

Every company wants to put itself out there, and by out there – I mean in the social media world. You will ultimately come across lots of bad practices and advice that will more likely poison your agenda instead of enhancing your presence online.

No need to panic though, Russell Working shares some of the worst advice about social media (so make sure you avoid it):

  1. Putting the kids in charge of social media – Some of the savviest online can be the youngest, but what we mean is this: don’t put some intern in charge of your social media when they know nothing about it.

    Stephanie Johnson, director of public affairs atAdvocate Health Care, says social media is essential, so “you need a team that is invested in staying on top of these changes and adapting new elements that may benefit your audience.”

  2. You can ReTweet, unconditionally – No, you can’t. If you ReTweet something, that means you agree with it. You can’t just

    “If you RT something, the third-party perception is that you agree with it, unless you specifically state otherwise,” says Arthur Yann, the Public Relations Society of America‘s vice president of public relations.

  3. Why are you getting so personal? – Some bad advice here? Don’t get personal. The whole point of social media in the first place is to engage and get deep down and personal, so that people get to know who you really are. Otherwise, this is all just some strategic ploy to make and keep more followers. Let’s not turn into machines, let’s stay a little human, ok?

You can’t just be like, ‘Social media, here I go!’ There’s more to it and there’s a lot you need to consider. While it’s not all that complicated, it doesn’t hurt to look for some good advice.

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Some bad advice you’ve gotten?