We let the facts do the talking.

Social Media in 2012?

Is it too late to talk about predictions for the New Year? We’ve already made our promises, and broken most of them, but it’s never too late to look at what you hope to achieve this year and how much you have already done.

The trending topic of the year would be social media, hands down. Seems like you can’t go an hour without hearing something about it, and if you aren’t sick of it yet, good, because social media is here to stay – at least for now – so let’s looks at what the medium should be up to this year.

We’ll be seeing it on websites

We already have, but more people will start incorporating their Twitter feeds and the like. Actually, it won’t really all be about the website anymore if you come down to it. Need information? Visit their Facebook page.

We’ll be seeing it on mobiles

We’ve seen that too. But more people will start wishing and hoping for a red light so that they can take a mini-social media break (since you can’t while driving!). Apps are getting cooler, and as everything becomes more accessible this way, there’ll never be a reason to put it down. Now if only they could find a way to social media while you snooze…

Your boss will finally start letting you use Facebook at work

It’s about time. It just doesn’t make sense to outlaw social media at work anymore (especially since you can hide under your desk and do it from your own phone). Today, if you’re not using social media, your just not doing anything.


There you have it. That’s 2012 in social media for you. But knowing the industry, you can be sure that things will change in a heartbeat, so keep reading to stay relevant.

Your predictions?