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Social media and its effects on consumer identity

Part 2 – Step out of the cocoon and become a butterfly!

As mentioned in my previous blog I talked about the influence social media has on individuals wanting to portray themselves similar to what they come across online.

Today, we are standing at a position when social media applications like Instagram are taking action to remove the ‘likes’ feature, due to the impact the race of likes was beginning to have on individuals’ health. The users of the app just wanted to popularize themselves and showcase that they are ‘better’ than others. However, whatever level of popularity they may reach, it is never enough because that doesn’t reduce the impact on mental health due to comparison of oneself with bloggers or celebrities and their daily posts.

Add to that the burden of negative/hate comments that are received when you try to copy someone. With the rise in depression and anxiety what makes people come back? What is so appealing about these social media platforms that people are still willing to log back into an application that causes them to actually feel sick?

What makes us all come back is the fact that we think social media is a like a slot machine, we keep going back thinking that we might be able to receive a reward at the end. That slim chance we all have is what gives us that dash of hope that forces us to give up the ordinary life that belongs to us and live a lavish lifestyle like the posts we all see on our feed.

If people were to see that there is no reward, there would be no reason to come back but with the countless monetary rewards social media apps are providing to individuals, many youngsters believe that they too have a chance at becoming the next so called ‘influencer’.

As a part of a PR agency in Dubai dealing with a multitude of clients in different fields, I still see this similar thought process when creating content as brands as well want to be on top of mind and on top of everyone’s feed.

However, nothing is more important than staying true and staying YOU!

Yassamin Homayouni is Senior Account Executive at Cicero & Bernay Public Relations, an independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA region. |