We let the facts do the talking.

So you want to be a leader?

While some may start at the top, for the rest of us, becoming a leader is a long road that starts from the bottom. Rung by rung, as you climb your way to the top, the journey is paved with education and experience that help make you a successful leader when you finally get there.

So how do you know when you’ve become a successful leader? These are some traits that every leader should have.

Learn from experience
This is mentioned before, but to reiterate, a good leader is one that can use past experiences – both good and bad – to make better decisions for the future.

Never give up
A good leader will march on in the face of a challenge. While all efforts are not going to be equally as successful, the ability to not surrender is a mark of a great leader.

Prioritise and delegate
No one person can do everything on their own. A great leader will recognise this and delegate to people who are specialised in each task. This not only allows for a job ‘better done’ but allows for overseeing several tasks more efficiently.

This list could go on and on. There are many traits that make a leader, and not all are built the same. There are also so many examples to draw on – history has seen a range of great leaders that were special in their own ways; in the end it is up to you to chart your own path to success.

Any other qualities you would add?