We let the facts do the talking.

Should you keep your Facebook account in the face of new social media?

Facebook is gradually losing its appeal… or so it would appear. Researchers from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the renowned Princeton academic institution released a study at the start of this year predicting that the social media site would witness a rapid decline between 2015 and 2017 and lose 80% of its peak user base. In the United States, Facebook now adds only 1 million people per quarter compared to its heyday of 50 million users a quarter. So with people deserting Facebook for other social media channels, such as Instagram and Twitter, should you consider following suit?

Here are some reasons why you should continue to keep your Facebook account active, from both a professional and personal perspective:

Unrivalled social connection: Facebook is still the best way to connect with relatives and friends and to seek out those you have lost touch with over the years. These people can become your biggest advocates and help expand your influence into new territories.

Fantastic personalisation: Facebook gives you unrivalled personalisation options for your page, allowing you to tailor it to appeal to your audience. Good posts will create a memorable experience and keep you front-of-mind.

Great content building and sharing: Facebook is the ultimate tool to build your content and effectively disseminate it. You can syndicate links and share these on many other social media channels.

Enhanced visibility: By continuing to post on Facebook, your information can create leadership for you and your brand.

Superb security: Facebook has stepped up its security features, allowing you to be as private as you want. You can fully customise your security options and control your posts, tags and photos. You choose who you share your content with.

A huge database: Facebook allows you to search and find out about people and brands. The site space it provides for profiles can be wealth of important information and gives you superb access to highly useful personal and professional data.

So there you have it. Six good reasons why you shouldn’t deactivate your Facebook account just yet.