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Sharpen your search: How to enhance your Google search skills

Part 2: Accurate search:

In my last blog I spoke about how Google search works. In this part, I bring to you some of the most effective ways of getting the best results. We all use Google on a daily basis, yet many of us have just scratched the surface of its capabilities.

Here are some tips on how to accurately search on Google.

   Refine your search with credible sources, such as ‘betadine:’.

   To find the precise phrase, use quotation marks (” “): If you type in Dwayne Johnson young, you’ll receive results that include all of those terms, but not necessarily in that order. When you search for “Dwayne Johnson young” with quotes, you’ll only see results that have all of those phrases in that sequence.

   Term(s) containing a negative (-) sign are excluded: Use the minus symbol to filter out any phrases you don’t want, such as ‘best apps -android’ don’t include top Android app roundups.

–   To search for a range, use two periods (..) between the numbers: $300…$400 to receive only results that fall within that range.

–   Find one result or the other with OR: When you search LG Samsung, for example, you’ll get results for both terms, but if you search LG OR Samsung, you’ll get distinct links for LG and Samsung.

Finally, Remember the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on Google? Enter a search word on and click I’m Feeling Lucky to be transported to the first search result. When you know exactly what you’re searching for, it’s a great way to save time.

Eye opening, right? You can use these tricks and get the best search results in the fastest possible time. You can thank me later!

Amine Mneimne is Account Manager at Cicero & Bernay Communication Consultancy, an independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA region. |