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Securing good media coverage during peak seasons

Part 2

Finding the solution

In the first part of this blog, we discussed how to get successful media coverage during a peak season. In the second part of this blog, let us talk about possible solutions to this problem, which is often a case of getting back to basics and keeping a cool head during the busy period.

Look for hooks

Your headline is your first chance of getting your story noticed. If you can steer your subject or profile towards a newsworthy angle, linked with current affairs, you will have the edge over the competition. If you can help the editors and journalists to immediately see the heart of the story with a punchy headline, you might just nab that coveted piece of news-space/time.

Customise your message

A personal touch to a story or even the mode of sending message Don’t forget that everyone responds best when they can feel the personal element in any story. Try to find a thread or an angle that reveals something that all audiences can relate to.

Be persistent

This is a basic rule. Follow up. Talk to journalists and keep them posted about any updates that the story might have.

Don’t forget the images

This might sound obvious, but when the margin between what an editor will pick and reject is small, you need to make sure everything is attractive. Complementing photos might just tip the balance.


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