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Public Relations, A Window to the Business World

Part 1: PR Kitchen

Agreeably, the field of public relations (PR) has grown to be very competitive over the past decade; hence it requires creative communicators who are ready and willing to thrive on clients’ demands. Public relations primarily entail reputation management and gaining proper understanding as well as support of your clients. In addition, it is imperative that a PR officer masters the art of influencing both the opinion and behaviors of a prospective client. Therefore, PR gives great exposure especially to fresh graduates who have a lot more to learn and demonstrate in the job market. The increased number of PR agencies in the country creates a suitable platform for these fresh graduates to practice and get absorbed swiftly in the job market.


To begin with, a PR agency accords a fresh graduate with all forms of media to freely communicate with potential clients and customers. This enables the fresh graduates to learn the most fundamental aspect of PR- protecting, maintaining, and managing the reputation of their clients at all costs. Interacting on somewhat personal level with clients gives the graduates great exposure and makes their transition into the market much easier. Ideally, these graduates will gain a lot of exposure once they start taking part in business meetings- either accompanied by their superiors or whenever they are called upon to represent the agency. When attending these business meetings, fresh graduates will have the opportunity to communicate key messages to their clients. In essence, they will be required to use third party endorsements while presenting their case so as to establish and consequently maintain understanding and goodwill between the public and the agency. The fact that a PR officer is expected to monitor publicity and examine the stakeholders’ concerns and expectations means that thorough research must be carried out regarding the market and what needs to be done to please those particular stakeholders. Presenting a well-researched report to a client in a business meeting does not only benefit the fresh graduate but also raises the agency’s reputation in the market. In the next part, I will shed light on the exposure opportunity that fresh graduates will face in the beginning of their career.


Ghaleb Bahssas is Account Executive at Cicero & Bernay Public Relations. An independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai and offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA region. |