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Psychology is in every move you make and every word you type (Vol. 8)

Part 2: How can psychology help in TikTok usage

In the previous part, I explained how psychology is intertwined with the popularity behind TikTok. In this part, I will explain how psychology can help you increase popularity on TikTok.

Think of it like a domino effect. Do something the majority of people don’t like, and you won’t land on anyone’s FYP page. However, jump in on a trend when the whole world is riding that train, and you may become an overnight sensation.

Think of all the major trends on TikTok right now. Do you not think about the pranks being pulled, or the jokes on parents, or even Taylor Swift’s love story dance trend? All these, and more, contribute to increasing your follower base on the addictive application.

To ensure your videos reach a variety of users, you need to keep in mind 5 things that almost all famous TikTok videos have, which are: simplicity, unexpectedness, concrete content, emotional touch, and story-based content.

Another trick to get your videos noticed is the clever use of hashtags. For example, if you are showcasing a story that has a bad guy, use the hashtag #BadGuy which may get you noticed when people search for Billie Eilish’s song. Or if you are showcasing a love story on how your parents met, you can use the hashtag #LoveStory based on Taylor Swift’s song. Not only is that a popular song but also had a fair share of videos around the world due to the dance trend.

There are endless ways on how you can increase your fan-base on TikTok. But keep in mind that people look for authenticity in videos, especially in the current pandemic, which has accelerated the flow of content and information. Stay true to yourself, hop in on trends, and become the next internet sensation!

It’s fascinating how psychology can affect your verbal communication, and uncovering the secrets of psychology is not a process that can be completed in a day. Stay tuned for my upcoming blogs to uncover the secret communication of the body and mind!

Antoine Boghos is Account Manager at Cicero & Bernay Public Relations, an independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA region. |