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Procrastination – How to weapon use the world’s most feared attitude

Part 2: The Benefits of Procrastination

In the last blog post, we talked about procrastination in the communications world, and how to utilise is as a useful ally instead of the nuisance that it’s known to be.

While we did discuss the ‘why’ of procrastination, we never discussed the ‘why’ of the incredible results that it tends to generate when managed properly.

Here are a couple of things that happen when you successfully procrastinate a task:

A) Creativity goes through the roof: In social media and public relations, creativity is your bread and butter and is often the key driver of performance. When procrastinating, even in a negative way, fight-or-flight kicks in and your mind is able to be significantly more flexible in order to avoid negative outcomes of a late deadline. Yes, indeed we are in fact saying that sometimes being behind on tasks can actually speed them up. Quite oxymoronic, isn’t it?

B) Efficiency overperforms: A saying that pairs like fine wine to aged cheese in the PR and social media space – it’s a marathon, not a race. When taking into account just how much load you go through during your day, it’s of utmost importance to ensure that you’re not frying your inner circuits before a task is accomplished. Taking regular breaks not only helps lower stress but can, in fact, be key to a prolonged efficient working day.

C) Helps you analyze tasks accurately: As a professional procrastinator, you learn to dissect even the most menial tasks into time segments. Through this unique skill, good procrastinators are able to pinpoint to the tee just how much time a task requires, and how much time they can procrastinate. This, while at first sounding counterproductive, in fact, allows good procrastinators to identify priorities within a list of deliverables and time themselves accordingly.

In short being a procrastinator is awesome – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Whether it’s due to an overload of social media posts that need prepping, or a PR strategy exercise for that one nail-biting client, when done right it is an incredible weapon against the unforgiving world in a communications agency.

Andrey Demiyanov is Business Development & Market Research Executive at Cicero & Bernay Communication Consultancy, an independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA region. |