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Prioritize mental health – At work and at home too

Part 2: 5 skills to manage the ever-changing PR Industry

In my last blog I identified the shift to the realities of professional life after university and how to maintain a healthy balance between your work and social responsibilities. This might be obvious at first, but that by itself won’t cut it if you want to fully assimilate at your job. The way we disseminate and organize information changes as often as the PR industry due to human advancements in technology. This can be stressful to post-graduates who have not been introduced to working in a stressful environment; however, the stress can be mitigated drastically by making 5 changes to your daily habits at work and at home:

A) Wake up on the right side of the bed — Starting your day off right can make a huge difference in your mood throughout the day. A healthy and hearty breakfast and restful sleep can go a long way to ensure that you are mentally prepared for work and do not react negatively to possible stressful situations.

B) Avoid conflict — Interpersonal conflict in the workplace negatively affects the work environment and your personal mental and physical health. Conflict may be difficult to avoid in a workplace as stressful environments are sure to elicit differing opinions. Despite this, make sure that you can manage the conflict so as to avoid unnecessary stress that won’t benefit you or the other party in the long run.

C) Keep yourself organized — Disorganization is more than likely to increase your stress at work. Planning your day out beforehand means that you can avoid rushing to work and leaving late at night.

D) Perfectionism isn’t perfect — Perfectionism in the workplace will not work out as humans are naturally imperfect beings. The extra stress of making sure that each and every aspect of your work life is perfect will lead to an unnecessary amount of stress appearing in your life.

E) Keep calm and relax — Taking time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, whether that be truly appreciating a meal or taking a walk to calm on your mind will decrease the amount of stress you feel and will allow you to work more overall.

It’s definitely a process to manage your stress as a post-graduate, especially in an industry that is set to change at a constant rate. These steps helped me manage the stress I faced and hopefully, they can work for you too. Now make sure you make the most out of your stress-free work life!

Mariam Elsanousi is Account Executive at Cicero & Bernay Communication Consultancy, an independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA region. |