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Press Release Topics

As PR professionals we all know that a press release is a core client deliverable. Being completely new to PR a mere eight months ago, I faced a steep learning curve when it came to press release topics. For that reason, I have decided to write a list of all press release topics I can think of. This guide is designed to come in handy as an advice sheet to help brief clients and to PR officials as they deal with their clients on daily basis and thus will be able to advise, recommend, and suggest all sorts of press release from this useful cheat sheet. It will also benefit those who are not PR officials to differentiate between a press release and a feature article. In any case, it is a useful collection for all of you out there. I may have not included some good ideas, but I will leave this one to you. Enjoy people!

Top Twenty Press Release Topics:

• New service/products/stores/models/ranges/malls, etc.
• Expansions, increments, upgrades of first point
• Promotions, deals, competitions, winners
• Involvement with charity work
• Helpful tips to existing and new businesses
• Research findings whether global or regional or local
• Virtual launches/ new websites/ social media contributions/and anything that has to do with the internet
• Award winnings
• New trends
• Events/ happenings/celebrations/holidays/attendees/ pictures
• New offices, new deals, new ventures, new partnerships, new businesses, new companies
• Company anniversary, yearly celebrations, annual events
• Stock market entry, offering
• Speaking at a conference/event
• Environmental sustainability
• Corporate social responsibility
• Responding to crisis, accusations, questions, or rumours
• Staff profiling: new staff, new certificates, promotions, new positions
• Events, sponsors, announcements
• Industry talk, predictions or assessment

Happy client briefing!