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Are we losing the personal touch?

With the ‘social media revolution’ in full force over the last decade, it’s no surprise that public relations professionals are now turning to their Twitter and Facebook accounts to help get their clients featured in top publications. But does this mean that the public relations industry is losing its human touch? After all, this was an element that used to be at its very core.

A recent article, written by Russell Working, argues that while these social media platforms may not be the ideal way to pitch a story, it could be a handy tool when it comes to building relationships with the media.

While you can’t deny that the Internet has done wonders for breaking geographical boundaries, it has made us slightly complacent. You’ve got to take a step back and think to yourself, “What did PRs do before the internet?” They didn’t have the luxury of sitting behind a desk and relying on technology to form and maintain bonds with journalists.

No, they would get out and meet people face to face. It was all about getting into the offices of publishing houses, sitting down and really explaining what was so great about their clients’ products and services.

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Where has that aspect of PR gone? Is there any hope of getting it back?