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PR isn’t ER

I came across an article describing the symptoms of being a PR pro, and while, no, it’s not a disease, sometimes it sure feels like it. The pressure, the panic and the agony that we go through to turn out perfect PR can sometimes have us breaking out in a cold sweat.

Who hasn’t had the nightmare about no media showing up to an event? Plus, you women might know a thing or two about having to powerwalk in 5-inch heels, but you probably couldn’t do that without your twice prescribed daily cups of coffee.

You can’t watch any form of media without thinking, “My client should be on/in that.” You rely on to-do lists (yes, plural) to get you through your day, but often don’t get to cross anything off until 4 p.m. (after managing a few surprise crises. You check your smartphone before brushing your teeth. You think and speak in 140 characters or less. Your BlackBerry sleeps with you every night – Your better half does not.

No, it isn’t easy doing what we do, but we’ll gladly do it any day of the week for you.

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What symptoms do you get?