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PR gets shotgun (not the backseat to Advertising) thanks to social media

Times definitely are different. The battle between Advertising and PR has changed, because our perceptions and the way we communicate are changing. Where people were willing to shell out big bucks for advertising, they weren’t so generous when it came to PR; but they are now. Why?

@milesnadal says: In the past, PR was about managing a monologue, or what one specific reporter, or a group of distinct reporters, would say about your company or your brand. Today, however, PR is about managing a dialogue – customers, businesses, and influencers discussing the merits of a product, the economics of a big company initiative, or why a company failed in some way, all on the same platform with equal voices.

PR professionals are more crucial today because there is more to public relations than ever before. In today’s virtual playground, you need someone on your team to help you make friends, while also keeping the bullies at bay. We have to work harder and faster to make sure we are on top of what is being said about our clients, not only to propel them in the spotlight, but to be prepared to strike when negative comments come their way.

It’s not really goodbye to Advertising, it’s more like hello Public Relations.

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How much more is there now to PR than before?