We let the facts do the talking.


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

It’s a fact well known that when we put our heart, mind and soul into what we do, we can achieve our goals and feel satisfied at the end of day. But over time, what you once loved pouring your efforts into can sometimes become dull and unexciting, whether it’s your routine at home or the daily grind at work. When the boredom strikes, your vibe is likely to do more than just bring you down – it will also have a domino effect on the people around you.

I find that what keeps me going is the need to stay self-motivated and cheerful. When at home, a helping hand from a family member or a chat with a neighbor is always healthy and appreciated. Similarly within an organisation, creative and wacky ideas from team members or a surprise coffee can help to get us through challenging times. The trick is that there’s strength in numbers – I believe that we need people and to be working towards a collective mission to be happy. Teamwork results in ordinary individuals doing extraordinary work.

Companies are constantly sharing success stories that resulted from the power of teamwork. At C&B, our team strongly believes in the importance of employees working together and advocates Employee Engagement, recognizing employees as the company’s greatest assets. As a result of our ongoing collaborative efforts, C&B won a record of three Gold and one Silver awards from the ‘Middle East PR Awards 2016’, including one for ‘Best Employee Engagement.’

In the next part of my blog, I would like to share my tips for working cheerfully as a team.


A team results in results

Inspirational books and individuals have taught me that the most important ingredient to working happily in a team is to stay self-motivated, and to pass on this energy to other team members. It’s the domino effect again, and in return, you are sure to get the same energy back.

Over the past couple of months, I have made a conscious effort to wake up and think about what I can bring to not just my clients, but also my team that day. It’s certainly made my morning routine more enjoyable. The thought that I have an impact on other peoples’ decisions and moods at work, is an incentive to give my team only the very best. To strengthen your team and become one of its most valued members, give my top five tips a go:

  • Be a family: Treat your colleagues respectfully and professionally, but also with kindness and sympathy. We spend the majority of our time at work so fostering good relationships is vital.
  • Sparking discussions: Initiate productive and engaging discussions in the office – you never know when a casual chat may turn into an excellent idea.
  • Pool your resources: I am lucky to work with colleagues from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities, and I make efforts to learn from them. Together, we put into action the best practices that each of us has learnt over the years.
  • Demonstrate commitment: Be committed towards a common goal and involve your team in finding ways to reach it collaboratively.
  • Speak out loud: Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts – you may have an award-winning idea in your head.


I want to share my favourite teamwork moment with you, which took place over lunch with my colleagues. We were discussing how we would ideally like our food to be served, and one team member mentioned that if someone requests a dish that is weird and different – for example ordering a pepperoni pizza without peperoni but extra cheese – they should be able to name that dish and find that it’s available the next time they order. We all agreed that this was a fantastic idea and included it as a recommendation for one of our clients. Guess what? They loved it.

This teamwork encouraged us to think like owners of the brand and also out of the box – a sure fire way to grow your business and generate a feeling of mutual success in the office.

Lovelyn Rodrigues is the Senior Account Executive of Cicero & Bernay Public Relations. An independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai and offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the GCC. |