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Rediscovering Passion and Purpose in a Busy World

Has your life become tiring and boring? Is your work loaded? Do you feel that your day is a routine that repeats itself? Do you dread any cheerful change?

In a busy world that we are living today, it is not an uncommon scenario. Workplace pressures, complex family lives, and technologically-loaded and fast-moving hours have made us a physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted community of people who are not living the lives they desired or deserved. We are all stuck between the questions of ‘who am I’ and ‘what is happening.’

Being rejected, ambitionless, and spending days without any passion or love for things – most of us blame it on life. But the truth is that, if you are leading such a life, it is your fault. It is interesting how your brain can make you feel differently, to an extent that you start believing things even if they are not true.

It is human to reject drastic changes as the comfort zone that one lives and operates in keeps us from changing our habits and routines. It’s natural that we feel safe about things that we are familiar with. This is why most of us stick to our old ways of living without even trying to change them or replace them with new ones. This way, we are always trapped in a shell called ‘easy’.

It was a belief that elevated my life. If you seek success, concentrate on your work. Get engrossed in it, focus on the intricacies, and give your complete attention to it, this will keep you focused, and your mind will have less time and scope to wander and play on you.

It is said that ‘if it doesn’t consume your mind, then your desire isn’t strong enough.’ In other words, you must think of the things that you want in detail and speak and act accordingly. The decision a person usually takes is affected by the way he thinks and how he emotionally feels things.

In short, it’s all a state of mind. It either takes you to the next level of being successful or pulls you down and begins depressing you.

No matter what, think positive — this will keep you calm and allow you to take control of yourself rather than letting the brain govern. Life is full of bumps; this is something we all know. Everyone can traverse them and make a better future. Change your habits, and give your self-time to adapt. If it’s going to take a big part of your thinking, then it will eventually affect you. Smile and laugh because that’s the essence of life.

If you are consumed by a thought, stop and breathe. Focus on the positives in any situation and don’t be afraid of getting rejected. Always look at the bigger picture — think of how you want to be and the future you’re aiming for. Give yourself closure, take note of the things that make you happy, and repeat them until they become a part of your life. Be active rather than being trapped in this busy world that tries to trap you.

Let go of regrets and learn from your mistakes. Love yourself and give yourself time. Treat yourself to a meal, travel to your dream destination. find people who make you feel empowered, and bring back the positivity and the creativity to your life.

Nada Abdallah is Account Manager at Cicero & Bernay Public Relations, an independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA region. |