We let the facts do the talking.


Our people are the bedrock of our organisation. We work as a cohesive unit and our solutions work in tandem with each other.

Founder & CEO

Ahmad Itani

“No business can afford not to tell the truth.

It’s what makes PR the most credible form of communication and why we let the facts do the talking at Cicero & Bernay Public Relations. We’ve built lasting relationships to make sure that our true stories are told and heard by ‘readers’, and we know that storytelling is incomplete without exceptional ‘authors’ – our team of specialists who are doing the incredible for this agency, our clients and PR in the region.”

Cicero & Bernay Public Relations (C&B) was founded by Ahmad Itani, who has led the agency’s development by seamlessly integrating new-age methods into communication strategies. He has also given C&B unrivalled regional scope with strategic affiliations across 14 markets in the MENA region, and redefined what it means to have a quantifiable impact for clients by taking a results-driven approach to communication. Ahmad was recently recognised by his industry peers in PR News’ global ranking of the ‘Top 50 Game Changers of PR for 2017’, making him the only MENA PR leader to appear on the list. When asked about C&B’s journey, Ahmad always replies: ‘Forward’.

Leadership Team

Managing Director

Tariq Al Sharabi

“A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.

Here’s a fun story:

Found out that a journalist I wanted to speak to was sick with a lung infection, and I happened to know just the remedy. I brought the medicine along for a house call, where I met the wife and kids and went from being PR Professional to a friend.

When it comes to this job, it’s not just about an opportunity for coverage, but for making lasting impressions. Always find a way to make it personal.”

Tariq has been a driving force in the agency since its very inception, having played a substantial role in business development, and responsible for the acquisition of some of C&B’s key personnel.
In his role, he oversees all client-servicing teams to ensure deliverables are met – with positive results for clients.

The secret for his success?
He was born and bred in the UAE. His insider knowledge of the local and regional business environments has helped him gain maximum exposure with exceptionally positive results. In his words: “In this industry, you have to understand who you are communicating with, to effectively communicate.”

Leadership Team

Director, Business Development & Operations

Maysa-Jana Atoui

“What makes for a perfect batch of cookies?

Practice. Patience. Precision.

You see the secret is in the entire process, especially having the right combination of ingredients and measuring things just right, because details make all the difference. It’s just like Business Development where I deal with all the different departments, companies and clients to make sure everything comes together in the sweetest possible way.”

Maysa-Jana is responsible for expanding Cicero & Bernay’s client portfolio, thereby ensuring the continued growth of the organisation. Her vital role includes identifying new opportunities for business, preparing proposals and presenting winning pitches to potential partners.

Leadership Team

Client Services Director

Reem Masswadeh

“When in doubt, I smile. When I am challenged, I laugh.

One of the most important lessons that life has taught me is the importance of maintaining a positive demeanour when tackling tasks, talking to clients, or just sharing stories with friends and colleagues. A smile is truly an underrated resource that more should employ in their day to day.”

Passionate about uplifting lives, Reem’s 11-year professional track record has seen her making an inspiring and life-changing difference in fields that include healthcare access, women’s development, children’s education and humanitarian aid for refugees. Reem has excelled at global organisations such as USAID and UNIFEM and has enriched young minds as an English teacher. She has also worked in PR account management, handling various government initiatives along with several major consumer-related clients from a range of industries that include F&B, fashion, and travel. Reem holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from her native Jordan.

Leadership Team

Director, Arabic Content

Mohammed Sawalha

“Most people won’t think about the hundreds of man-hours that have gone into making a brochure that they will nonchalantly pick up. Or about what it takes to convey those English messages in Arabic.

“In this business, you can not Google Translate, as there is no such thing as an exact translation. Each piece is constructed – not copied, to speak the language of the reader, both literally and figuratively. There is a lot that goes into creating impactful tailor-made messages for different audiences.

You could say it’s an art.”

If you’ve come across any corporate brochures that have been translated from English to Arabic, there’s a good chance you are seeing the work of Mohammad Sawalha.

A highly experienced bi-lingual text expert, Mohammad’s translation and Arabic writing skills have seen him in demand from such renowned organisations. With a flair for creating copy that catches the eye of the region’s premium Arabic publications, Mohammad’s credentials and high standard of work received the ultimate approval when he was commissioned to translate and edit the official biographies of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (the first President of the UAE), HH Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammed Al Qasimi (the Ruler of RAK) and HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (the Crown Prince of Dubai).

Leadership Team

Adnan Wahidi

Account Executive

Ahamed Nazwan

Associate Business Development Manager

Ahmed Malik

Account Manager

Amine Mneimne

Account Manager

Antoine Boghos

Account Manager

Anas Khaleeliyeh

Account Manager

Hussam Abdul Khaleq

Account Manager

Joumana El Tarabulsi

Senior Account Manager


Khaled Abu Hishme

Account Director

Lovelyn Rodrigues

Account Manager

Nada Abdallah

Account Manager

Ritika Sharma

English Editor

Spark Makki

Head of English Content